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I take great pride in my craftsmanship.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase please reach out and let me know.  All pieces are original artwork unless stated otherwise. They may look slightly different in person than their picture on my website due to lighting and color balance when taking photos. They are made by hand, are one of a kind and may have some imperfections.  I really won't be offended if you decide you don't like your item.  Each piece is a little part of me and I will not mind if it is returned to me in the two week timeframe.  It is hard for me to let go of my artwork but I need to somehow support my addiction to creating.


If you would like for me to create a custom piece for you, I can!  I can create custom pieces with any paper memorabilia you may have. If you have specific colors you are looking for I can also try to create a one of a kind piece specific to your needs. 

I should be able to make copies of any type of material you have and return that memorabilia back to you intact.  Or better yet you can make copies and send me the copies directly. 

Please email me at

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