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Hi my name is Francine Dunigan. I live in Kennett Square Pennsylvania, with my Husband John, our teenage daughter Mary Grace and our lazy dog Sunshine.   

I have always loved creating art. I studied art in High School and College.  I have a BFA in graphic design.  Over the years I have gone through many stages of creating.  I have painted murals, furniture, created logos for people, I also built my husband's website for his business. 


A few years back when reading the introduction to the book "Sketch" by France Bellville- Van Stone, she talked about when she was a kid building with legos and how thrilling it was to be building and creating a house but by the end the thrill had evaporated and she would pull it all apart and begin again.  This completely hit home with me and I never realized that I did the same thing. It really wasn't about the finished product as much as it was about enjoying the creative process along the way. I love experimenting with color and the balance of both positive and negative space.

More recently my inspiration has been about shape and color.  While learning about mono-printing and using a gel plate I started creating my own stencils and found that I really loved that process as well.  I am enjoying the current journey that I am on and am thrilled to be able to share a little bit of me with you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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