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My stencil/mask prototypes arrived in the mail yesterday from The official release date is November 15th!!!! I will be releasing Two groups of six stencils twelve total. One line will be more of a stylized botanical line. these were all inspired by nature or natural elements. The second line has a Mid Century Modern vibe to it. These are designs with fun patterns that make great prints alone or to use as background textures.


Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who signed up for my email list. When I started my free giveaway campaign it was my intention to gain a solid email list of people with similar interests. What I didn’t realize was how fun the experience would be. So many of you were so grateful and it made me so happy to put a little bit of happiness in someone else’s day. I also love the thought there are little bits of me scattered across the United States. My heart is full, thank you.

Next Up

My next show will be The Unionville Art Gala

November 17 & 18th 



I am hoping to release a new line of art work beginning in the new year. Up to now I have only shown these pieces at art shows. I don’t know why I haven’t shared them on my website earlier other than they are my babies. These are my passion, I use my gelprint papers to lead the way as I explore color, shape and negative space. I often start one of these pieces and then need to put it aside to stare at for awhile to see what else it needs.

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